Graduation Day

Today my younger sister, Jillian, graduates from high school.  It seems surreal to me.  I was there when she was born.  I was fifteen.  I remember seeing her birth and vowing to never put myself through such torture (who knew I’d do it twice – drug free with midwifes!)  I remember her as a baby, but vaguely since I was at the age of self-absorption, wrapped up in my friends and other high school things – boyfriend, football games, prom, and stuff like that.  It was strange... I had to be home at an earlier curfew than other kids my age so I “wouldn’t wake the baby.”  

When I was in the dorms at Michigan State, she and our youngest sister, Ashley, came to visit quite a few times.  It was such a unique situation to be the college kid with toddler sisters (Ashley arrived when I was a high school senior.)  I remember going to the natural history museum.  The stuffed elephant was so scary to them.  When I met my husband, the girls were just three and five. They called me “Audoo” back then.  We have no idea how Melissa became Audoo, but it was adorable.  It seems like forever ago and yesterday.  And today she graduates.  I’m proud of the unique, beautiful young woman Jill has become and I celebrate her!  
 Congratulations, Jilly Bean!  We love you so. 

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