Why I Do It.

I put a lot of pressure on myself.  I always have.  So I gave it a lot of thought before starting this blog because when I do something, I want to do it well.  I am a recovering perfectionist, after all...  And at this point in my life - with a career, two kids (a toddler and infant no less!), a husband with his own business for which I do the bookkeeping - to say life is full is an understatement.  Then I have the other things that are important to me: making healthy meals for my family, keeping a clean home, finding fun things for Bug to do that don't involve TV, journaling, photography and trying to maintain my own mental health by doing an hour of yoga a week.  So, why on Earth would I decide to add a blog to the chaos?  I've asked myself and others have asked it of me.  This is why:

~ To record the moments and stories, not just for myself, but for the ones we love who are far away.  For our parents, the grandparents who could never visit enough and especially for my mom, step-dad and sisters who have not yet been able to meet Button (it aches my heart.)

~ I'm not one to have a large social circle.  Of course, I have amazing, loving friends, but we're separated by distance and busy schedules.  I'm grateful (and amazed, honestly!) that my two best friends since middle school have also ended up on the East Coast and we keep our friendships strong, despite families and careers, visiting as often as every other month or more when we're lucky.  Upon moving East, I met another best friend (yes, you can have three) and she and I shared the passion of our horses, meeting nearly every night and also on weekends to ride, talk, and offer each other support in our common connection.  My horse died in 2008 and since then, we still get together as often as possible.  Through these online pages, I can better connect with others out there (my "tribe" so to speak) who have similar lifestyles and interests as we share stories, everyday moments, and ideas.

~ It's a creative outlet.  I so wish I had the time for scrapbooking and I'm amazed by the moms who do!  You can say this is my scrapbook.

There is it.  Why I do it. 

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