Project Simplify: Hot Spots #3 and #4

Many weeks later and I'm still slowly working my way through Simple Mom's Project Simplify.  Hot Spot #3 was the kid's toys and clothes.  This is a huge project that I honestly haven't attempted to tackle yet.  Their rooms aren't messy, but the clothing and toy storage in the basement is so overwhelming.  Maybe I'll get to it this summer...  I just can't wrap my head around it right now.

   Fridge Before and After

Hot Spot #4 was the fridge and pantry.  We just cleared out the cupboards when the new Ikea storage hutch was put up, so I don't have before and after of that, but the fridge always needs cleaning.  I tackled both the fridge and freeze one afternoon while the little ones were napping.  You can't really tell in the photo, but I gutted tons of expired things.  There was a salad dressing I tossed that expired in 2007.  Whoa.  The freezer was nasty.  There were several "cello" bottles chilling in there that had leaked - limoncello and raspberry-cello.  The spill had crystallized.  I had to use a knife and spatula to chisel it off.  Yuck.  By the end, Bug was "helping" and Button was rocking in her swing in the kitchen.  It got a little a chaotic, but we finished.

Freezer Before 

Freezer After

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