On My Soapbox - The Pink Nail Polish Scandal

Apparently there's been a media uproar about a little boy in a J Crew ad playfully getting his toes painted pink by his mother.  It's wrong they say...  It promotes transgenderism... Really?!  I dress my girl in blue all the time. We're re-using many of big brother's outfits, blankets and soon his toys - the "boy stuff" like trucks and tool sets, but also the "girl stuff" that he has like the dolls, kitchen set and tea set.  I've always offered toys appropriate for both genders.  Does that mean my girl's going to grow up wanting to be a boy or that Bug will wish he was a girl?  Doubt it.  And ya know what - so what if they do!  I'll love them to the moon and back regardless.  Like the little boy in the photo, pink is Bug's favorite color.  When we were potty training, he picked out his own potty seat on a shopping trip with his dad  - a pink Dora the Explorer seat. We didn't make it a big deal BECAUSE IT'S NOT.  He makes pink art projects at preschool and is so proud to show them off.  I'm proud for him.  I would be so upset if anyone ever told him he shouldn't like pink. Come on, people.

Leaving my soapbox for a shower.  Good night.

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