Moments That Make the Heart Explode

There are a handful of moments every day when I literally stop in my tracks and wish I could record them to my memory forever.  They aren't Earth-shattering.  They are heart exploding.  They are the little things that make this life so beautiful.

They are:
~ setting an extra place-setting for dinner with a stuffed horse.
~ seeing him whisper to said horse while eating.  When asked what the secret was, he says "I love you."
~ a little girl whose favorite new game is peekaboo, either with her blankie over her head, behind a curtain, or around the couch.  Her squeal...
~ nursing the girl and she looks up, wide-eyed, grinning and says "hi!" while scrunching her little fingers in a chubby handed wave.
~ the way she's learned to tickle.  She wiggles her fingers on my face and makes a funny noise at the back of her throat with her binky in her mouth that Bug says sounds like she's saying "garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic."
~ driving down the road, Bug grabs his sister's hand and says "I love you, (sister).  I don't ever want to lose you."
~ a naked, just bathed boy, having a picnic in front of the fire with the horse from dinner and other stuffed friends.
~ finding a surprise set of measuring spoons in the bathroom.

~ and piles of rocks flanking both sides of the front door.  I can only imagine he placed them there to ward off monsters.

This is the good stuff.

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