It's her new word.  One of two she says.  The other is "uh-oh!"  We're slowly decorating this year, starting with some berry branches on the table and mantel one day, then the tree, then the lights.  We'll hopefully pull the boxes up from the basement this weekend.  I'm okay with the "slow decorate" process.

When the lights went up, she started with the "wows."  They went on for about 15 minutes.  It's so cute the way she says it, with her lips kind of turned to the right, but her mouth opening more fully than yours or mine would.  Wowww wowwww wowwwww!  I miss it with the video camera every time.

There's nothing like the wide-eyed wonder of a child.  I love feeling it all again through them.

P.S. She's holding a cat toy (a catnip stuffed George Bush voodoo doll to be exact.)  
She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cat toys.

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